I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed.
(Psalm 119:46)

Teacher Testimonies


have been employed with the public school system over eight years and believe it or
not I struggle just to start with this testimony because I have so many. I asked God to
help me with the right one.

On this particular morning I was helping a parent that came in to leave a package for
his son. We began talking and he began a conversation about being thankful just for
life itself. He heard a testimony in church the Sunday after thanksgiving about being
thankful for so much in his life and how blessed he was for making a difference.

As I stood there speaking with this parent, we began to give God praise. He told me
what a blessing it was when students and parents walk into our school being greeted
with the pleasant smile on my face. He reminded me that we never know what’s going
on in one’s mind or household and how my attitude made such a difference. I couldn’t
ask for a better testimony-just being “thankful”.

I know God has his reasons for placing me where I am today. We all know that God
works in “mysterious ways”, but there is nothing mysterious about God. I pray for
obedience that allows me to continue to listen and work diligently in hoping to make a

Betty Corbin,
Attendance Desk

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